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Multiplexing packets

You may want to connect your gateway to multiple LoRa networks at the same time. By using a multiplexer you can forwarder packets from your LoRa radio to multiple networks at the same time. Here we describe two setups:

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gwmp-mux is a simple application that forwards Semtech UDP packets to multiple endpoints on the same gateway.

This example receives traffic on UDP port 1680 and forwards it to and

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --network host --name gwmp-mux --host 1680 --client --client

Note: We run the docker container in host network mode here. This allows it to connect to other services on However this also exposes the UDP port 1680 on all the IP-addresses of the host (including public ones). Use a firewall to close-down any unwanted access.

You can also run the gwmp-mux in overlay mode (default), however in that case you cannot use as destination for forwarding as it refers to the local docker container networking stack, and not the host networking stack. You can use gwmp-mux in a docker-compose setup with an shared network as a work-around.


For now follow the instructions on the chirpstack-packet-multiplexer